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[Final Results] Akola Mahanagarpalika Election Winning Candidates List 2017

Akola Municipal 2017 result (ward wise sharp live result):- Result introduction date is 23rd February, 2017 for Akola city organization race.  Occupant of AMC Akola are amazingly anxious to Akola mahanagar palika race result 2017.

People of Akola are inspecting about expected result of Akola AMC metro overview 2017.  If you are chasing down latest news redesign of Akola city race 2017 result and live result, then you can check here.  We update here ward adroit AMC Akola Municipal Corporation 2017 result, news redesign and live result.  Akola AMC mahanagar palika Election outcome 2017 is fundamental for some national social occasions or neighborhood parties.

Since AMC Akola Municipal Corporation result 2017 picked their future in inevitable Maharashtra get together Election and loksabha race 2019.  So you can check here Akola metropolitan Election 2017 result ward sharp, party insightful and situate adroit.

Akola Municipal Corporation 2017 Final result

Akola Mahanagarpalika Election Final Results 2017:

Akola Municipal Corporation Election 2017 won by BJP Party by 48 Seats.   You can read full information of total winner list canddiates.

PartySeats Won
Shiv Sena08

अकोला महानगरपालिका सार्वत्रिक निवडणूक २०१७ प्रभागाप्रमाणे विजयी उमेदवारांची यादी:- 

अकोला महानगर पालिका चुनाव 2017 के परिणाम २३ february, २०१७ को घोषित होंगे| हम यहाँ अकोला महानगर पालिका चुनाव परिणाम २०१७ के पल की खबरे लेकर यहाँ उपस्थित होंगे| यहाँ आप वार्ड वाइज, राजनितिक दल वाइज अकोला चुनाव परिणाम देख सकते है| साथ ही साथ नवनिर्वाचित मेयर एवं अन्य महतवपूर्ण पदों पर चुने जाने वाले सदस्यों की जानकारी भी यहाँ से प्राप्त की जा सकती है|

AMC Akola city Election 2017 result and as of late picked candidates (ward smart):-

Here you can check political social affair quick and ward shrewd Akola AMC mahanagar palika Election outcome 2017.  We upgrade here live result on 23rd February, 2017.  So if you have to overhauled, then you can profit to us for result day.  Occupant of Akola city organization can check here live result, ward quick result and champ contender once-over of AMC Akola Mahanagarpalika Election result 2017.

About Election:-

Election name-Akola Mahanagarpalika Election 2017.  

Looking over date-21st February, 2017.

Result assertion date-23rd February, 2017.

Who win Akola metropolitan Election outcome 2017?




Shiv sena




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Past eventual outcome of Akola mahanagar palika Election 2012, 2007, 2002:-

Akola city organization race result 2012:-

s.no. Candidates Party

1 18 Congress

2 18 BJP

3 08 Shiv sena

4 05 NCP

5 02 Other enrolled party

6 01 MNSE



Indian national congress and bhartiya janta party won 18-18 arranges in AMC Akola mahanagar palika race 2012.  Besides, sides were on top position.  Shiv sena won 08 seat and NCP won 05 arrange.  Maharashtra navnirman sena won only 01 arrange in Akola metropolitan Election outcome 2012.

Ward Wise  AMC Akola Municipal Corporation Election outcome 2012:- 

By and by we are appropriating here ward canny and party sagacious picked contender for Akola city association.  There are indicate 72 seats for Akola mahanagar palika Election 2012 result.

Ward Winner candidate party

01-A Aziz Ahemad Ghulam Rasool Nationalist Congress Party

01-B Hajra B Independent

02-A Anandrao Sapkal Indian National Congress

02-B Mo.Shahjahan Parveen Mo.  Naushad Independent

03-A Manvatkar Vaishali Kishore Other State Party

03-B Sharad Shriram Turkar Shiv Sena

04-A Ramkishan Hiralal Satyal Indian National Congress

04-B Dhanshree Arun Abhyankar Other State Parties

05-A Gitanjali Peakash Shegaonkar Bharatiya Janata Party

05-B Jagtap Mahadev Amrutrao Other State Party

06-A Sarika Rupeshkumar Jaiswal Bharatiya Janata Party

06-B Rahul Ramesh Deshmukh Bharatiya Janata Party

07-A Giri Rajendra Anand Bharatiya Janata Party

07-B Ujwala Sandeep Deshmukh Bharatiya Janata Party

08-A Sunil Tukaram Meshram Independent

08-B Madhuri Sunil Meshram Independent

09-A Mo.  Fazil Urf Fazlu Nationalist Congress Party

09-B Sou.  Nikhat Shaheen Afsar Ahemad Qureshi Indian National Congress

10-A Sou.  Mangala Subhashrao Independent

10-B Rajesh Vasudeo Kale Maharashtra Navnirman Sena

11-A Gawai Jyotsana Gautam Other State Parties

11-B Ajay Ramdas Ramteke Nationalist Congress Party

12-A SajidKhan Mannankhan Indian National Congress

12-B Shamshad Begum Shaikh Farid Nationalist Congress Party

13-A Beni She.  Ganga Beniwale Independent

13-B Jainabbi Shaikh Ibrahim Indian National Congress

14-A Qureshi Meharunnisa Samajwadi Party

14-B Nasirkhan Ahmedkhan All India United Democratic Front

15-A Abdul Jabbar Abdul Raheman Indian National Congress

15-B Shaheen Anjum Maheboob Khan Indian National Congress

16-A Ajay Rameshchandra Sharma Bharatiya Janata Party

16-B         Agarwal Sunita Vijay Other State Party

17-A Ashish Ganeshrao Pavitrakar Bharatiya Janata Party

17-B Pratibha Rajendra Avachar Bharatiya Janata Party

18-A Agarwal Vijay Kamalkishore Other State Party

18-B Namrata Manish Mohod Bharatiya Janata Party

19-A Prashant Sahebrao Bharsakhal Nationalist Congress Party

19-B Devashree Kishor Thakare Shiv Sena

20-A Ahir Sou.  Sujata Devrao Independent

20-B Rama Damodar Tayade Other State Party

21-A Harish Ratanlal Alimchandani Bharatiya Janata Party

21-B Usha Jagjitsingh Virak Indian National Congress

22-A Bhargad Madan Bodulal Indian National Congress

22-B Sharma Rajeshwari Amma Independent

23-A Kazi Najimoddin Jamiroddin Indian National Congress

23-B Tahera Khanam Indian National Congress

24-A Dhage Satish Ganeshrao Bharatiya Janata Party

24-B Shelke Manjusha Sanjay Shivsena

25-A Yogesh Marotirao Gotmare Bharatiya Janata Party

25-B Vaishali Vilas Shelke Bharatiya Janata Party

26-A Jaya Vinod Gedam Indian National Congress

26-B Dilip Apparao Deshmukh Indian National Congress

27-A Kokila Gajanan Daberao Indian National Congress

27-B Shaikh Rizwana Shaikh Aziz Indian National Congress

27-C Safiya Azaad Khan Indian National Congress

28-A Andhare Suresh Pandurang Bharatiya Janata Party

28-B Mishra Gayatridevi Kripashankar Shivsena

29-A Gawai Gajanan Shaligram Other State Party

29-B Ghatole Mangala Dhaldeo Other State Party

30-A Mishra Rajkumari Rajkumar Nationalist Congress Party

30-B Mulchandani Rajkumar Dipchandra Shivsena

31-A Bal Tale Bharatiya Janata Party

31-B Kalpana Ajay Gavande Bharatiya Janata Party

32-A Gopi Thakare Independent

32-B Karuna Vijay Ingale Bharatiya Janata Party

33-A Mohammad Rafiq Mohammad Siddiq Indian National Congress

33-B Rahima Bi Abdullah Khan All India United Democratic Front

34-A Sanjay Babulal Badone Independent

34-B Madhuri Sanjay Badone Independent

35-A Pankaj Punjabrao Gawande Shivsena

35-B Yogita Ganesh Pawsale Shivsena

36-A Vinod Muralidhar Mapari Shivsena

36-B Suman Shriram Gawande Bharatiya Janata Party

Maharashtra Metropolitan Election 2017 Results

Akola Municipal Election 2017 result ward wise live result and overhauled champ contender list:-

Akola AMC city venture Election 2017 is basic undertaking for some political social occasions.  Besides, subject of AMC Akola mahanagar palika is sitting tight for Akola Municipal Corporation 2017 result.  We update here ward insightful akola mahanagar palika result 2017, champ contender list and live result.

If you are possessed with live vote checking of Akola metro study 2017, then you can remain related with us.  Since we upgrade here every last overhauls related to Akola Mahanagarpalika Election 2017 result.

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